FAQ for game creator tool "Game Builder"

After run program you view window with first empty level. Counting levels start from 0. If tool running success, you can edit level with number 0.

In menu "File" can be set operation "Level properties".

There can set size of level and set file of background music.
Button for level properties on toolbar panel.

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Add new level can be from menu "File->New level".

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Editing of level is done by adding of objects: floor, ceiling, walls, doors, keys, hero and other objects.
All operations in menu "Edit".

Some operations can also be selected via the toolbar: delete object, reset, add floor, add ceiling, add walls, add object, choose a hero.
After selecting any add operation opens a window to select a graphic image file, available formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP.
Add level objects can also copy existing: first copy the selected object

(right mouse button), after paste it as many times as necessary.
Copying will also retain all the properties of the set.
Open dialog with the properties of an object, you can right-click
or click on middle mouse button.
Dialogue with the properties of several tabs

for setting parameters, animation

, sounds and events.
To create an animation using the "Add" button, which opens a window to select image files animation frames. Select one or more files and click "Open" button. You can also specify the amount delay of animation.
To install sounds, use the tab "Sounds".

After pressing the "Add" dialog appears "Sound properties"

, where you specify the name of the event and select a sound file.

To delete objects level, you need to select the operation "Delete" in the "Edit" menu or on toolbar, then the cursor will change to red and so will not be replaced until the new operation. Sometimes it is useful to perform the operation "Reset" button for the cursor to be free of all operations.

When editing the level it should be remembered that each cell can contain three types of object simultaneously: floor, ceiling and any object (wall, door, key, character, etc.).
In the "View" menu

you can enable or disable the display of floor and ceiling.

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After creation all required levels, project must be saved to file. In menu "File" have function "Save project" or button on toolbar panel. If project save first time, then after press "Save" open window for selection path and input file name of project. Catalog of program has subcatalog "projects", specialy created for saving new projects.
For openning existing project use menu "File->Open project" or button from toolbar.

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After saving project, can be create execution file of game. From menu "Game" select "Python->Compile"

and if the process is successful, then a few seconds to open a window with the directory to create the game.
Before creating games can also setup properties of the project and the executable file of the game.
Call from menu "File->Project properties"

, or button on toolbar panel.
Dialog with the properties of the project

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